Business as usual for CSE Flooring Contractors

MRI Floor Refurbishment - CSE Flooring ContractorsAs another day comes to an end and the dust settles at our current flooring project for Manchester Royal Infirmary, I can see there is en ever increasing workload ahead of CSE Flooring Contractors. Thankfully it seems that our work is never quite done. Over the last few years CSE Flooring Contractors have been growing on many levels; mainly due to our successful track record for delivering flooring projects to the point of handover: well within their specified time frames.

Recently Completed Flooring Project

Myself and the team at CSE Flooring Contractors have been working very hard to complete a total floor refurbishment for Manchester Royal Infirmary’s ward 5. The project required 500 m2 of Tarkett vinyl flooring.

Forthcoming flooring projects for CSE Flooring Contractors

Just as we are laying our tools down on ward 5 it seems that works on ward 6 have just started. The flooring refurbishment for ward 6 will consist of all new floors being laid that require more Tarkett Vinyl flooring. Not only that but we will also be refurbishing the shower rooms, toilets, and corridors throughout the hospital. We have also got a contract for implementing a vinyl flooring installation within certain areas of the new critical care unit. This project will include operating theaters and recovery rooms. We have more contracts coming up alongside these (can’t mention names yet ;)) including a full dentistry refurbishment in an area close to the MRI.

There’s more on the horizon for CSE Flooring Contractors

As I stated earlier we have been growing on many levels, this is due to many factors being combined including:

  • Attention to details
  • Customer service
  • Rigorous health & safety checks
  • Highly skilled flooring contractors
  • First-class after-sales-service

We will continue to grow and are happy in the knowledge that we always provide what we say we will, as long as we keep on growing we know we are doing right by our much loved customers.

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Chris is a flooring contractor with a passion for getting the job done right first time. He is the Site Founder and Editor-in-Chief, and can typically be found crashing on his large settee after a hard says graft.
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