Karndean Fitters

In our opinion we feel that Karndean is a great product and love to work with it. We have found the choice of textures and finishes to be awesome. Add a team of experienced Karndean fitters into the mix and you have the perfect recipe for success.

We can supply and fit your Karndean floor

CSE’s Karndean fitters ensure you get the style and finish desired. Our Karndean fitters instinctively know the possibilities that can be achieved by utilizing the range of styles Karndean facilitates.

Achieve a natural look with none of the drawbacks of natural materials

Karndean is made from a highly durable type of customized vinyl, it is known for reducing the drawbacks that come with natural products such as noise and heat retention. It is also aesthetically pleasing – replicating the look and feel of natural materials like: marble, slate, limestone, glass and wood.

With the help of our Karndean fitters you could lower cost of your installation without a loss of quality. These benefits and more make Karndean the ideal choice for any commercial environment. Karndean also comes with a manufacturers durability warranty – giving you peace of mind.

an attractive and durable material for commercial environments

Extremely hard-wearing, Karndean is designed to withstand the heaviest of traffic whilst retaining it’s affordability. With the creative use of borders and decorative strips, or the inclusion of a feature, it is possible to create an individual but durable floor.

Karndean’s durablity is just one of the reasons it’s so widely used in the commercial sector

Environments where Karndean can be used for maximum effect

  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Healthcare
  • Salons
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Offices
  • Property

contact CSE’s karndean fitters for a free quote

If you would like to see how our Karndean fitters can assist you please contact us today. We can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team. Feel free to call about your requirements on: 0800 781 9871 or fill out a free flooring quote form.