Do the groundwork before selecting a flooring contractor

You will most likely have heard that there are times when doing some groundwork on a particular type of tradesman is essential – what you heard was right. There are occasions when you require a flooring contractor for both domestic or/and commercial flooring installations. If you are doing your research from the comfort of a desk, in other words via the internet, separating the professionals from the cowboys can be an exhausting task at the best of times. Your decision to call or email for a quote is based on a hunch; usually after comparing the various competing websites that flooring contractors use to promote themselves.

One of the toughest things to establish is whether your choice will be correct; you won’t know this until your choice of flooring contractor has signed off your installation with you. This task in itself can be a harsh and costly learning curve, especially for first-timers.

Getting Word of Mouth Recommendations Via the Internet

Due to modern advances in technology consumers now have a view into a world which, previously, was only available face to face down the local pub, or in other community groups. I’m talking about virtual word of mouth, namely:  review websites. We all know that contractors referred from someone we know are tried and tested, and tradesmen love to be referred as not only are referrals the easiest jobs to acquire – usually at no cost as the promotion has been word of mouth. Gathering references and genuine feedback from real people can be time consuming as opposed to scanning the internet, therefore review sites are an effective time saving method.

A level playing field for any real tradesman to set out his stall

Review sites provide a level playing field for real tradesmen and service providers to show the world their quality. The reality is that they are scrutinized not only by ombudsmen, but by real customers so you know the comments are genuine. This type of feedback is invaluable when it comes to selecting a flooring contractor. If they get featured on a review site such as Free Index they can be made or broken in public eye.

Let the Accreditation do the talking

Additionally you may also verify the quality that the person/company you are looking to hire is offering by seeing if they are accredited by a professional organization. I am talking about the kind of organizations which stand for values like service, craftsmanship, and commitment to health and safety.

Not all Accreditation’s Are equal

With any  tradesman or construction company you will note that they may look to have accreditation’s galore, or will attain to it being the case. However there are only a handful that stand for anything of real value such as:

  • Chas Accreditation
  • Safe Contractor Approved
  • CSCS

Ensure if are you choosing a flooring contractor that they have at the least the three accreditation’s previously mentioned, or you may get an unwanted surprise.

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Top Safety Accreditation for CSE Flooring Contractors

Local business CSE Flooring Contractors has been awarded accreditation from safecontractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme which recognises very high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors.

Employing 5 people, CSE Flooring Contractors is principally involved in the public sector, specialising in the healthcare and commercial industries and with a £500,000 turnover. CSE Flooring Contractors’ most recent clients have included major players such as Sodexo, Lendlease, Bovis, PW Building Services, and Prosol. Continue reading

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UZIN™ Contact adhesives and CSE Flooring Contractors

Fortunately, the days when floor coverings were installed by the use of solvent based products are over.

Although solvent-free products are now available, solvent-free is not equal to pollutant-free

Products may still contain various non-volatile organic materials, which gradually evaporate from the material over a long time and make their way into the air we breathe.

The environment and sustainability of our quality fitted floors are one of the most important issues facing CSE Flooring Contactors. Our customers require materials that do not pollute the air with volatile organic compounds and odours as well as a quality floor that will stand the test of time.

There is a growing demand for ecological products which help reduce emissions and diminish health risks especially in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and child care establishments. Continue reading

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Subway Outlet for the Children’s Hospital in Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Manchester Royal Infirmary Children’s Hospital

Oxford Road, Manchester. M13 9WL

Our latest tender brought to fruition;

CSE Flooring Contractors have recently been awarded the contract at the Subway Outlet for the Children’s Hospital in Manchester Royal Infirmary.

Precise specifications have yet to be confirmed.

 A total area of 200 sq metres of flooring requiring preparation, screed and hygienically covered.

Not only must a floor for these type of spaces be aesthetically pleasing but it must also be durable and easy to clean as hygiene is a major concern.

Bacteria in certain environments can spread easily and can fester in corners.  Finishing coved corners, with both internal and external angles can be a tricky process, we use only the best vinyl’s and adhesives to complete project and we train our work force to the highest possible standards, so we can guarantee 100% our floors won’t let you down.

Look out for our full blog on the project start to finish.


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Warrington Hospital Subway Outlet

Tender in progress;

CSE Flooring Contractors are proud to announce our invite to bid to tender for the refit of the Subway outlet in Warrington Hospital

A wholesome project if it comes to fruition;

A total area of 388 sq metres of floor requiring preparation, screed and hygienically covered.

To include;

  • Behind counter area

  • Seating area

  • Storage facility areas

Check back for updates.

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Qualified Floor Fitters

The CSCS card is fast becoming to floor fitters what CORGI is to plumbers, and guess what? “All our fitters hold one”.

We are proud to say all our fitters are trained to the highest standards so you can be sure that your flooring not only looks good but is fitted to perfection

To get a CSCS card for flooring there is a minimum requirement to complete a health and safety test and to be trained to at least level 2 NVQ in floor covering occupations.

The CSCS card scheme is designed to make working sites safer and working standards higher by having each operative carry a card that identifies their skill level. Many sites and contractors will now only use fitters with CSCS cards for safety and quality of purpose.

At CSE Flooring Contractors we can bid for the vast majority of commercial contracts, we know our fitters will be accepted on any site and the quality of their work is second to none Continue reading

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Tarkett Working with CSE Flooring Contractors

“My old Mum used to say, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”

How true is that?

Her saying has stuck in mind for many years and has served me well when discussing flooring types with my clients.

I want you to trust the quality of CSE Flooring as much as I trust the quality of Tarkett Flooring.

When making your choice of flooring there are many aspects to consider I use the golden 4 rule;

    • Usage – does the floor need to be anti-slip, heavy duty, dual purpose
    • Colour – is the floor to be abstract, plain, bright or low key
    • Traffic – is the floor going to be subject to high or low usage
    • Type – is the floor to be for domestic, commercial or clinical use

    Continue reading

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    Out Patients Department Manchester Royal Infirmary

    Out Pat Rec 2

    Out Patients Department Manchester Royal Infirmary  Oxford Road, Manchester.  M13 9WL

    A tough project from start to finish, as we knew it would be.

    Over 800sq metres of flooring to be stripped, prepared and covered  in a busy out patients department.  The department had to stay operational throughout the whole project.  CSE Flooring Contractors met the challenge head on, finishing the project 4 weeks ahead of schedule with enthusiasm, sensitivity and a complete understanding of our sterile enviroment keeping within the strict boundaries of health and hygiene levels a hospital must meet. Continue reading

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