Tarkett Working with CSE Flooring Contractors

“My old Mum used to say, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”

How true is that?

Her saying has stuck in mind for many years and has served me well when discussing flooring types with my clients.

I want you to trust the quality of CSE Flooring as much as I trust the quality of Tarkett Flooring.

When making your choice of flooring there are many aspects to consider I use the golden 4 rule;

    • Usage – does the floor need to be anti-slip, heavy duty, dual purpose
    • Colour – is the floor to be abstract, plain, bright or low key
    • Traffic – is the floor going to be subject to high or low usage
    • Type – is the floor to be for domestic, commercial or clinical use

Having considered the golden 4, CSE Flooring Contractors and our skilled work force will be more than happy to fit a quality Tarkett Floor for;

For medical and healthcare;

Tough, hygienic, roll resistant surfaces ensure convenience and safety for staff and patients. While the wide range of watertight, slip resistant floorings are ideal for the wet rooms and other facilities that are such an important part of rehabilitation.  Static control flooring protects sensitive equipment. The result is an environment that combines a healthy ambiance with practical working conditions.

Hospital Flooring Newton Abbott

Schools, Collages and Child Day Care;

Provide a durable easy to clean stimulating safe floor with excellent acoustic properties that keep sound levels down and you have an environment that will keep staff and parents happy too. Having a quality floor helps to provide a suitable environment to support students making schools and universities a pleasant place to be durable, indentation and abrasion resistant surfaces can take the pressure in heavy traffic areas and offer long lasting return on investment.

Vinyl Floor Fitters 3 - Navigation Road

Home and Office

Make a statement with a practical, quiet, good-looking and comfortable to walk on floor.  Attractive range of colours, styles and surfaces are ideal for personalising your private space.  Tarkett floors are designed to take the pressure where it’s most intense Hardwearing and easy to clean, they simply absorb the noise as people come and go.

Panel Floor Maintenance

At CSE Flooring Contractors we pride ourselves in quality from start to finish using only top quality materials and highly trained fitters, giving you a quality flooring finish we are proud to put our name to.

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